Berkeley Lab

Roles and Responsibilities


Division Point of Contact

  • Schedules and plans cleanup activities, in consultation with division management and Operations
  • Communicates cleanup day activities to division
  • Serves as primary contact on cleanup day
  • Division Safety Coordinator serves as primary contact for hazard evaluations


  • Participate in cleanup activities as directed by division management
  • Perform work only as authorized
  • Provide feedback to division management and division point of contact

LBNL Operations


  • Liaison – assist division with cleanup planning, serve as primary EHS contact
  • Generator Assistant – assist with hazardous, radioactive and medical waste characterization, staging and removal
  • Health and Safety Representative – evaluate workplace hazards


  • Work Request Center – coordinate Facilities services for cleanup day
  • Transportation Services – deliver and remove salvage receptacles
  • Custodial Services – deliver and remove extra trash and recycling containers


  • Property Representative – coordinates Excess Property removal